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We at iPower are pioneers in providing SEO and other digital marketing services to our valuable customers. We are in this business for more than 20 years now, and over these years we have ranked many websites across various industries ranging from IT, pharma, textile, auto, finance, and others.

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Why do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a website?

You own a website where you want people to arrive on it. But what if no one is able to fetch out your website in the first place? So, you’ve to do Search Engine Optimization abbreviated SEO on your website.

SEO is a methodological approach to increase search engine visibility of the websites for their related terms on the internet.

It Increases online visibility

SEO is a process to increase the online visibility of your website on popular search engines like Google or Bing (from Microsoft). More online visibility means more traffic which results in potential customers arriving at your business doorstep.

It also aims at improving UI/UX of a website

The goal of SEO doesn’t stop at ranking a website. Rather it extends beyond this and also focuses on increasing the overall experience of a user on your website. A better UI and UX of your website will not only bring more conversions for your business but also helps in making your visitors spend more time on your website, which is a ranking factor.

It helps in building a brand image

You’ll also build a brand along the way of your website’s SEO journey. A brand is essentially a trust that people place in a firm providing valuable services. So, when you rank higher, you’ll get customers who may become loyal to you and do word-of-mouth marketing for you, thus creating a brand around your business, given that you satisfy them with your product and services.

Once that brand or trust is built, getting sales or revenue generation becomes a slippery slope. This in turn will help in the growth of your firm.

People love Organic Traffic

Source BrightEdge

This might surprise you, but people love organic traffic. As per BrightEdge research, organic search is responsible for 53.3% of the total traffic coming to websites. The paid traffic on the other hand drives just 15% of the traffic while remaining around 32% traffic to the websites comes from various sources.

It’s relatively cheap with better ROI

Doing SEO will take time, effort, and money. Every next good thing requires this input, but with SEO you’ll have a great ROI over the period of time. This is because once you start ranking on Google’s SERP for your related queries, you’ll maintain that position given that your content satisfies the searcher’s intent.

So, you’ll have plenty of clicks aka visitors free of cost without putting in a further effort. This is unlike the Google Ads or other Ad platforms where it’s a bit easier and quicker to rank, but you’re supposed to pay for each click and hence every new visitor coming to your website.

Source BrightEdge

Another interesting fact to recognize is that businesses get a better conversion with the organic traffic as compared to the paid traffic. Again as per the data from BrightEdge Research, businesses are found to generate 2X more revenue from organic traffic than the traffic from paid Ads.

Why iPower as your next SEO Company?

At iPower, we ensure that your website isn’t just another website like millions of others on the internet.

We follow Systematic and Result Oriented Approach

We understand that each and every industry is different and requires a unique SEO strategy designed specifically for it. So, our result-oriented approach clearly understands the bottom line that’ll help you to get your desired results.

We are a team of Experienced SEO & Content Marketing Professionals

We’ve been in the business of SEO for more than 20 years and our SEO professionals have a proven track record of results. So, within an estimated period of time, you’ll see the relevant traffic coming to your website helping you to reach your targeted revenue goals.

We offer Affordable and Transparent Packages

We understand medium and humbled-sized businesses and start-ups and we stand shoulder to shoulder with them. We want your investment to be the best investment ever. That’s why our services arrive at affordable prices but with uncompromising quality for every small and medium-sized business looking to increase their revenue with online marketing.

We follow Fair Marketing Strategies

Honesty is the best policy and we die for honesty. These are players on the market that promise immediate and unrealistic results,  without any explanation regarding their strategy or methods. We play fair as we know how to win the game of SEO without compromising our integrity and aim to offer 100% transparency.  We take any and all remarks and questions seriously and want to inform our customers and potential customers to the fullest,  every step of the way.

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Our SEO Approach

Keyboost was developed and introduced to the market by iPower, a full service digital agency founded in 2000 – with the sole purpose of increasing the turnover of your company. Here, iPower bases itself on proven results and is pursuing its own course, even if this means going against what internet monopolists are trying to impose on the world.

Site Auditing

This starts like a doctor trying to understand his patient’s problems. So, the site audit, with the help of a Site Audit Tool tells about the current health status of your website. Finding the errors first hand and then fixing them as early as possible is the first step towards making your website perform better on Google and Bing. So, we’ll perform site auditing covering all the essential aspects of your website that are a part of On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO. We are going to tell you more about the just mentioned SEO types ahead. And not only we’ll be performing your website’s auditing, but we’ll be keen to do an analysis of your competitor’s website too, in order to find out any hidden ranking opportunity there.

Keyword Research

SEO starts with your customers. So keyword research is the key in SEO. We’ll try to understand your product and services first and then fetch out customers’ queries that are typed on the Google search bar. We’ll present you with highly demanding and low competition keywords to ensure you that your website’s SEO process is going in the right direction.

Source Moz

If you look at the above Search Demand Curve, you’ll notice that number of monthly searches is less for the lengthy, also called long-tail keywords. But this doesn’t mean one has to underestimate those queries. In fact, the opposite is true. Long-tail keywords are more important than all other short-tail keywords related to your business.

To understand this, let’s say you’re in the business of selling thermometers. But if someone types just the word “thermometer” in the Google search bar, does this tell you that he’s looking to buy a thermometer. The answer is No. The person might be looking to just know what thermometers. But when someone types a long-tail keyword like buy thermometers online, then you can notice that the keyword is more specific with a buying intent with it.

Another plus point with long-tail keywords is that they are generally less competitive, thus easier to make them rank on Google. So, these keywords will be the ones on which we’ll start working first to bring your valuable customers to your doorstep.

On-Page Optimization

We’ll optimize your complete website to match your customer searches with products and services listed on your website. This will help your customers to reach your website at the right time, making you sell your offering at the right time. This is called On-Page optimization as activities are done on your website. In the On-Page Optimization process, we look at areas like Title Tag, Meta Description, URL, Image Alt Tag, and content of your web pages and include keywords there to help Google better understand your content that ultimately helps in better rankings. In a brief, we can also say that the On-page Optimization aims to provide the Relevancy Signal to Google.

Off-Page Optimization

The Internet is like a village online. So, sharing your offerings and knowledge with other website owners online is important, and is called Link Building. In fact, this is one of the major ranking factors. This will also help in building an online reputation for your business. This is also called Off-Page optimization as activities happen outside your website. An important factor that we keep in our mind while doing the link-building process is we only target websites that are reputed or authoritative, meaning those who care about their customers with their best-in-class products or services. So, while On-Page Optimization aims to provide the relevancy signal to Google as discussed above, the Off-Page Optimization targets to provide what is called the Authority Signals to Google and other search engines.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is about making your website crawlable or findable for search engines. The internet is like a huge ocean of websites and all the search engines essentially try to find out your website from that ocean.

Let’s take an example to understand Technical SEO better. Let’s say you’re asked to pick cashews from any one of the below Dry Fruit Boxes.

From which one will it be easier for you to pick the cashews – Box 1 or Box 2? Of course, box 2 will be your preference. And this is because all the dry fruits there are perfectly arranged. This same thing activities in Technical SEO do for your website.

So, Technical SEO ensures that your website is optimized enough for search engines so that they are able to easily reach all the web pages inside your website. This will help them to better rank the web pages on their SERP(Search Engine Result Page) when a user types your web page-related query.

Local SEO

Do you own a local shop – a brick and mortar store – and your revenue is driven mostly by the number of people arriving at your shop door? Then Local Seo is something that you can’t ignore. Also, you might be surprised to learn that 46% of searches on Google have local findings intent. Many times you would have seen a Map appearing inside a box on the search engine result pages. It’s called the Map Pack and it appears because of Local SEO where the account of a businesses website is created in Google My Business(GMB) account.

Mobile SEO

We are keen to take care of your mobile users too. Searches on mobile devices are on the rise and we are aware of that.

In fact, more than 50% of internet users prefer to use mobile devices instead of desktops. So, we make sure your website is responsive and follows all the mobile Seo best practices. FYI, if you or anyone wants to check if his website is mobile-friendly or not, then he can use Google’s own Mobile-Friendly Test Tool.

Also, we know that that you get annoyed when you’re welcomed with a big pop-up upon visiting a website. Another fact is Google also hates those giant pop-ups and they have an algorithm that targets those pop-ups and negatively impacts your rankings. So, we ensure that pop-ups if required are as per Google’s guidelines.

Voice SEO

We always try to be one step ahead. So, apart from optimizing your website for mobile and local searches, which many SEO’s do, we also focus on the area which is seldom untouched which is the Voice SEO. Voice SEO is nothing but optimization of a website for search queries done through voice assistants. Since queries made through voice are more conversational, we craft the content in a conversation way including your targeted keywords to optimize your website for Voice SEO.

As mobile internet users are rising, so are the searches through voice assistants, because most of the voice searches are done through mobile phones only. If we go by the data, then 20% of the searches in the Google App are done through voice as per Google.

Progress Report

We want our clients to be a part of their SEO strategy to ensure the full transparency of our work. We want everything to go as per your expectations from day one itself. So, we’ll provide you in-depth and transparent reporting of your results so that you’re also relaxed knowing that things are moving in your desired direction.

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