The Truth About the Click-Through Rate (CTR) for Google Ads.

The CTR or click-through rate is a percentage which indicates how many people click on a link compared to the total number of views. A CTR of 10% means that out of one hundred people that see an advert or a link, ten actually click through to see the underlying web page.

According to Google, a CTR of 1% is good for an Ads-advert.

Google states about Ads-adverts: “In the search network, a click frequency  of 1 percent or higher is deemed good” Research shows (Accuracast, 2009) that the position of the advert is also relevant, first place (8% CTR) is better than fifth (1% CTR) and the average CTR for a Google Ads-advert is around 2.5%.


The CTR of a high ranking position in the organic search results

People tend to regard the organic search results for a Google search, rather than the adverts that appear. The link appearing in 1st place of the organic search results has a CTR of 28.5%, second place has a CTR of around 15.7%. The ninth place, the one before last position on the first page of the search results still has a CTR of 2.5%, which is higher than the CTR of the average Ads-advert. Research figures from Sistrix – 2020



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