Our Team

Gregory Liénard


Computers have always fascinated me. As a child, I wrote my first programs on a Commodore 64. In 2000, I launched iPower to help companies get a spot on the internet. Since 2004 I’ve been analysing the algorithms of search engines. The many hours I spend on my computer, I try to compensate by playing tennis, doing fitness, running and swimming.





Maurice Vandebroek

Country manager

From a past in the publishing industry to a present - and I hope also to a future - in the world of ICT. Moving from editorial to search engine optimization is actually quite logical, especially when one knows just how increasingly the Internet is being used as a commercial vector. In my free time, I like to spend time playing bass or guitar.





Johanna Massa


Thanks to a trilingual course of life (Dutch, French and Spanish) I landed gracefully in the world of ICT. In my spare time I deploy all my creativity with cameras, brushes, digital brushes and so many other elements of interior decoration. I cook with great pleasure and I do not mind making long nature walks.





Emile Wauters

Country manager

After a career in copywriting and service delivery consultancy, I found my calling with iPower. A fascinating field of business and a strong team make for a winning combination. Free time is devoted to sports, musea, theatre, music, film, literature, gastronomy and travel.





Maroussia Holzer

Country manager

After finishing my linguistics degree (German - Spanish) and a prolonged stay in Latin America,@iPower allowed me to explore a whole new world. What I like best about my position is that I get to apply my language skills to their full extent, whilst becoming increasingly fascinated by SEO. I like to devote my spare time to Spanish music, nice food and travel.





Samet Bajram

Client advisor

After a trajectory across a diversity of fields of activity, I landed in search engine optimization. Being part of the iPower team has allowed me to further develop my skillset and makes me feel right at home. The ICT world is truly fascinating. My free time is devoted to my family.





Naima Outamhata

Country manager

Having moved from Paris to Antwerp, I immediately joined the world of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at iPower. In this atmosphere of teamwork, I continue to learn more every day in the field of search engine optimization. During my spare time I like to stay active by doing cycling, like any good resident of Antwerp!





Ilias Kennes

Client advisor

After attending school in the German-speaking part of Belgium for a few years and finishing my studies in graphic design, I quickly started my career in the world of ICT. Working at @iPower allows me to discover more each day about the exciting field of search engine optimisation, alongside a strong team. Much of my spare time is devoted to music and travel.





Nils Van Mechelen

Project manager

The graphics and digital media attracted me as an opportunity to get creative with websites and printed media. Thanks to iPower, I further developed after several years into a front-end webdeveloper. I spend my free time with friends at the restaurant, in the cinema, at quizzes, playing board games, ... but I also enjoy nature, either on foot or on bicycle.





Manhal Habda

System administrator

Since I was a child, I have had a passion for technology. After an already lengthy trajectory of studying and working in IT, today this passion still grows. I consider every new challenge as a chance to prove myself and to further develop my knowledge and skills. Following my move to Belgium, iPower gave me the opportunity to continue my career and to start a new challenge in the world of IT.





Raymond Caillibotte


My eagerness to learn and drive to educate myself in the field of ICT, have led me to my current position at iPower. A passionate team and plenty of opportunity to further develop my knowledge, allow me to continuously finetune my expertise. An enormous plus at iPower, is the stimulating and fun atmosphere in which ideas and creativity are allowed to meander, and have a foothold in day to day activities.





Enock Mbiling'i

Project manager

After moving from Tanzania to Belgium, I gained experience at various IT companies as a software developer and consultant. After taking evening classes, I got my master's degree in business administration, upon which I could immediately start with IPower. Being part of a great team, every day I become more knowledgeable in the field of search engine optimisation. My spare time is devoted to singing, playing football and travelling to Tanzania with my family.






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