Attract more customers to your website The content of your website: an effective mix of text and images

The content of your website: An effective mix of text and images


Contents, both text and images, constitute the most vital part of your website and are your toolset to convince visitors of becoming customers of your company.



An effective mix of text and images


Too much text makes your website look boring, not enough text does not inspire curiosity. Images offer added value if they are relevant, meaning more than “just a pretty picture”.

Always take into consideration what appeals most to your target audience.



Delete superfluous text but keep it legible


Internet users are an impatient lot and reading on a screen is already sufficiently difficult . Keep your texts concise and to the point. Your visitors will be keener on reading them when they are written attractively and easy to read. Bear in mind that search engines mainly focus on text during referencing.


  • Use colloquial language, check spelling and grammar
  • Be consistent in addressing your audience.
  • Use short, simple sentences with a meaningful vocabulary. Use active sentences.
  • Do not write out numbers and avoid abbreviations.



Choose images that relate to your text.


Using images is just fine, as long as they actually add to a text, images are supposed to illustrate. A photo relating to the information in the text will encourage readers more than just a pretty picture.

In general, search engines are blind to images and will only index them when additional information is added – for experts: the alt-section of the -tag, this option can be used in your content management system (CMS).

Images can be scaled on insertion into the contents, as such tempting visitors to leave them on large format. It is more practical to compress images and give them a more manageable file size. This will allow your website to load quicker.


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