Attract more customers to your website The content of your website: calls-to-action

The content of your website: Calls-to-action, preferably on every web page


A call-to-action is an incentive aimed at visitors to immediately do ‘something’.


  • With a little motivation, visitors are inclined to take action a lot faster, call it human nature.
  • A website merely presenting business information vs a website inviting to take action: research shows internet users are more appreciative of the latter.


Calls-to-action contribute the most to conversion: visitors do not simply absorb information, they also use it, they take action.  Calls-to-action really make your website interactive.

Often the result of a call-to-action can be measured:  ‘Download the DustBuster vacuum cleaner manual here’ takes visitors to a different page.  Web statistics reflect how many visitors that page received, or, how successful the call-to-action was.

A call-to-action presented as a button is fairly efficient, the text used should be clear and to the point.  A button can be given a contrasting colour, with a text in a slightly larger font, which will make it stand out even more.



Examples of calls-to-action:


  • Send this page to a friend
  • See all our promotions
  • Don’t have an account?  Register here for free and order on line!
  • No more problems parking your car: apply on line for a parking card and visit our store carefree.
  • Read more about the new Thumbelina Cookbook Series
  • Receive a free monthly e-marking tip –> – your e-mail address –
  • Download a checklist for your new website here
  • Be the first to review the new Imaginary Instruments air guitar.
  • Consult our Facebook-page for last-minute information on our promotions.
  • And the ‘all-time favourite’: Order now and receive a free gift!


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