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The content of your website: Use keywords as foundation for your web texts


Keywords are words that describe your company’s activities in detail. These words should definitely appear in your texts. Which keywords apply for the entire website? Which keywords relate to a specific page? Keywords are also the words entered into search engines by your target audience, when looking for your products and / or services.


  • Carefully consider keywords for your company before drafting texts. Which keywords relate to the entire website? Which keywords apply for a specific page?
  • Use keywords in titles, links and the beginning of the text, as such a visitor knows where he is on the site.
  • Don’t be afraid to repeat keywords, but don’t exaggerate. Also use synonyms.



What are quality keywords?

Imagine you own an electronics shop. Possible keywords include:


  • electronics
  • electronics shop
  • electronics trade
  • electro-shop
  • electronic parts
  • electro-technology
  • electronic components
  • electro
  • electronics/electro/electro shop
  • etc.


But also your city, the name of your company, possibly your own name, certain brands you represent, misspelled variations on your keywords, etc.


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