Awards iPower now also listed the top 500 of fastest growing technology companies in the EMEA-region.

Deloitte Global’s Technology Fast 500 is an objective ranking for the technology sector. A place on the list is a recognition for technology companies that have achieved the fastest revenue growth in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) in the last four years. Last year iPower already ranked among the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Belgium, now we’re scoring also on the top500 fastest growing in the EMEA-Region.

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Update: 392nd place, not bad at all in this competitive sector, right?

Strong growth thanks to Keyboost and SEO Page Optimizer

iPower achieved these results thanks to two products that were developed to help companies reach a higher ranking in Google’s organic search results: SEO Page Optimizer and Keyboost. In 2014, SEO Page Optimizer and Keyboost made their appearance on the Belgian market, followed by a launch in the Netherlands in 2015 and France in 2016. In 2018, both were introduced in the United Kingdom and Germany. Keyboost and SEO Page Optimizer can be tested free of charge and without any obligation, which undoubtedly contributed to their success.

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