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The internet is a library and Google is the librarian

Any explanation about how the internet and Keyboost work, would quickly become very technical. Hence this analogy: imagine the internet is a huge library. Websites are the books in that library and web pages are the pages in those books. Every one of those books has its own theme. Many books contain references to other books that elaborate on certain parts: such references can be compared to links on the internet.


You can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask the librarian!

Google is the omniscient librarian in this analogy. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask the librarian! He or she will give you a list of potentially interesting books: the results of your search. Google chooses books that are published in your country and selects those that are related to the subject of your search.

The list of search results is very long, because of the huge library that the internet is. So how does Google determine which are the most relevant books – or websites – that belong at the top of the list? Google looks at the references: books that are frequently referred to in other books must be relevant to the subject matter, so they appear at the top of the list.

That’s also how it works with the Internet and Google’s search results: websites on a certain subject to which other websites link on the same subject are, in Google’s view, the most relevant for searches related to that subject. So they belong at the top of the search results.


What does Keyboost do?

Keyboost searches for old books that are no longer on loan but are still important in the eyes of the librarian – Google – and whose subject is closely related to the business activity of our customers. We then adapt the content of those books – the content of the websites – to make them even more relevant and provide references – links – to the book – the website – of our customers. Because the subject matter of the books remains the same, it seems to Google that the book has been renewed. This has a positive influence on the order of the search results: the websites of our customers become more relevant in the eyes of Google and deserve a higher position in the search results.


What Keyboost excels at:

The great thing about Keyboost is that the above process is largely automated. Keyboost uses its own algorithms to determine relevance. This algorithm examines no less than 1,000,000 pages per day: Which words are often used in combination with other words? How relevant is every page of every available website? Does it have enough seniority to be important to Google? Based on this, Keyboost claims books – websites – and adapts their content to give more value to customers’ websites in the eyes of Google, the powerful librarian of the overwhelming library that is the internet.

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